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Verses from my Kitchen: The Battle Reigns

September 8, 2010

The Battle Reigns

Our food cravings are so ostensibly connected to the weather that in September it may change from day to day. It wasn't long ago that I was making gazpacho, watermelon granita, fresh herb salads with goat cheese and green salads with cool refreshing citrus vinaigrette.  Now as we enter the heart of September when the weather fluctuates to something cold and unwanted and the wet days of Autumn approach, we start to crave full, hearty meals. Meals to keep us company and  to keep us warm. But are we ready for the changes?

As the markets we visit wrestle with varying produce on their tables I wrestle with the transition. As I see the last of the summer berries lining baskets in front of us I also take notice of the pumpkins, squash and plums. I am torn. I feel lost somewhere between two seasons and slightly out of touch with each one.

Do I continue with the recipes created this summer and embrace the last of what the summer has to offer or do I move on towards the unfamiliar and the secrets that lie within? As I stand in my kitchen using up the last of the berries for desserts, the sounds of the windows closing are punctuated by rain drops chasing after them. The cooler air will surely mean the end of the foods we've loved for three months. It also means the beginning of a new love affair. Fall temptation.

My confusion gives way to clarity. I let it all soak in and I move forward with the season. I think back to the days of my youth and the memories of mushroom soup, apple sauce, roast chicken and sweet potatoes. As I grow older I always hark back to my younger days for foods that comforted me, only this time I make them with a twist. Same basic context, different style.  I dream of recipes like field mushroom soup, baked apples with brown sugar and custard sauce and roast chicken with autumn fruits.

These are some of my absolute favourite fall foods.  I'll be cooking plenty in the near future with a plethora of images and recipes. Enjoy!

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