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Verses from my Kitchen: Kingston Eats Out

September 5, 2010

Kingston Eats Out

This past weekend we had the pleasure of visiting old and new friends in Kingston. As someone who used to live there I was anxious and excited to be heading to my home away from home and one of my favourite places.  I knew there was going to be good company and I knew Kingston has a great culinary story to tell, and I wanted to tell it.

We woke up Saturday morning and went for a stroll downtown. We grabbed something to eat at a breakfast landmark, hit up the farmers market across the street (one of the best markets in Ontario), stopped by a bakery where the aroma outside draws you in and visited some of the great restos and a critically acclaimed little place where a master Charcutier resides.  All in all, a mini-mecca of food sorts and one of the great destinations for foodies in Ontario.

The entire area around Kingston houses so many well-known restaurants, bakeries and markets that it's no wonder that Kingston and Prince Edward County are gaining a reputation and momentum all over the province. Wolfe Island, Odessa, and the entire county are worth visits in their own right. It may seem a tad far for people from Toronto but it's well worth the 3 hour drive. It's about the farmers, the chefs and the butchers nearby that are thriving and demanding our attention.

Below are some pictures from our recent trip. I know we'll be back one day to pick up from where we left off.
The breakfast joint for generations old and young, established 89 years ago.

Simple but oh-so-good diner fare!

Prince Edward County Roma tomatoes. So sweet!

Niagara nectarines and blueberries from Simcoe County.
A purveyor's selection to inspire.

Citrus lime plant that yields 200 limes a year! Wow!
A sweet basil plant, now in my kitchen!

Check out this Bay Leaf plant. Are you kidding me?

Heaven in a bakery. Pan Chancho.

Chez Piggy is a fine dining staple.

A restaurant known in different parts of the world. This young chef's bio is long and illustrious!

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