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Verses from my Kitchen: The Pages Guide You

September 2, 2010

The Pages Guide You

Having to kill a few hours while your car is in the shop can be a terribly boring endeavour if you're not near home. You're usually looking at a minimum of two hours to fill. I don't know about you but the decision of where to spend my time getting lost in the gap is an easy one. I head to the nearest bookstore, which is more often than not Chapters.

I usually grab a few cooking magazines and find a quiet place to sit and be inspired. I jot down notes in my blackberry and type out my ideas of recipes based on the ones I read. Two things invariably happen: I often get incredibly hungry and my brain goes into overdrive thinking of ways to expand or alter the recipes. Either way it's a great way to spend good time wasted. I feel like a squirrel collecting his nuts and hiding them when I'm tucked away in a corner of the store with the treasures in my hand.

Going through a good magazine top to bottom can take a good thirty minutes, and that's just skimming and flippantly reading. If you really get lost in the pages you can spend an hour with your new best friend. Today was one of those days. I spent three hours with three of my newest inspirations. 

These are some of my favourite food magazines. Pick one up the next time you're at a loss of what to make and you need a pick-me-up. It always helps.

This magazine is filled with celebrity chefs, restaurant reviews,  travel ideas and a host of other things.
Very similar to Food & Wine, Bon Appetit takes you all across American with restaurant reviews, company profiles and recipes galore!

This is the UK version of delicious. This is often filled with recipes by Bill Granger, Jamie Oliver,  James Martin,  Raymond Blanc, Gordon Ramsay and many others!

The Australia version of the delicious. magazine.  Voted the best food magazine in Australia.  It features recipes by Ben O'Donoghue,  Bill Granger, Matt Preston, Justin North and so many more.

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