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Verses from my Kitchen: The Market Watch

September 1, 2010

The Market Watch

A trip through your neighbourhood Farmers Market brings you upon a cornucopia of fresh produce all grown within a short distance from your home. Tomatoes are in abundance and with more varieties than you can count. We're talking about tomatoes, tomatoes and more tomatoes! Corn, peppers, garlic and herbs are found at every vendor and around every corner. It's a great time to be a vegetarian, even if you're not.

For the first couple of months of Summer we're limited to greens and pepper varieties. Some, anyway. Within a short time you can fill an entire stand with peppers. It comes quick and plentiful. August comes in with a bang and leaves that way, with so many great options that we can keep our local farmers busy producing. There is a better selection of local goods at at Market than in any grocery store I've come across, and most of the produce found outside of the grocery chains doesn't have to be transported long distances and preserved for the time taken to reach its destination. Fresher goods and very little carbon footprint.

The Market has so many redeeming qualities. Besides supporting your local producers and getting the freshest possible options available, you also don't pay the price associated with supermarkets. You can get your entire produce shopping in one spot and the farmers are incredibly nice and informative. They can and will answer any questions you have, which is more than I can say for the big box store. And they take great pride in the items they sell. It's the best one-stop shop that is usually in your very own city or town. Nothing beats the sounds of live music and the smell of fresh flowers and eating local, sustainably grown produce.

I dropped in on the Cambridge Market today. I was driving by and noticed it so had to stop. It's like collecting cookbooks, if I pass one I have to stop. What about you? Do you prefer the Market, or is the convenience of doing all your shopping in once place too much to sway you? Do you stick with the same things or do you try new seasonal foods?

 Here are some pictures from the Markets I've visited recently. Maybe it will change your mind. Check out all the beautiful produce! It makes me hungry just looking at these pictures.

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